Fake or illegally produced alcohol is alcohol that is made in unlicensed distilleries or people's homes to be sold. Fake alcohol may be packaged to look like well-known, legally produced brands. This is known as counterfeiting. Properly produced and certified alcoholic drinks are made with ethanol which is a type of alcohol that’s approved for [...]

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Wooden or Plastic Chopping Board – What’s your view?

As I was auditing a restaurant last week that carry out a lot of raw meat preparation. I stopped at the traditional style butchers block and had a chat with the chef (who was in the process of prepping some meat) about the block, how it’s cleaned etc. His eyes were desperately glaring in to [...]

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CIEH Exam Papers

The CIEH are making food safety qualifications more accessible to food handlers who's first language isn't English They have released the following exam paper options. If you are interested in attending a CIEH course run by GRF Associates, contact us today. The courses promise to be fun and interesting and can be tailored to suit [...]

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Facilities For Handwashing

Regular hand washing should be encouraged because hands are in contact with food, cloths, equipment and utensils and are therefore a significant vehicle of contamination. As hand washing is one of the most important steps in preventing the spread of food bourne illness, it is important to provide good hand washing facilities to encourage staff to wash their hands. [...]

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Worldwide restaurant search for people with food allergies / intolerances and special diets or use it as your every day restaurant finder. Based on your current location, this new app provides recommended restaurants with suitable menus to match your dietary needs.... And it's free!!!

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