It’s that time of year again, the sun is out, the nights are long and the music festivals are planned, last year over 30.9 million people attended music festivals in the UK, and nearly almost that number camped…..
Fire safety needs to be one of the main priorities, especially with so many potential fire risks in and around camping areas at festivals. Here are some basic tips to help minimise the risk of fire, and how to avoid the most common reasons for fire whilst camping;
1.Don’t smoke in your tent
We all know that smoking can be a fire risk, but it’s even more of a risk in confined spaces ie a tent. It can be too easy to drop a lit cigarette, causing a fire to start while you’re still inside. Smoking away from the tent also reduces the risk of you returning to your tent after the music finishes, to find it in ashes, because you forgot to put a cigarette out before you left.
2. No Barbecues in your tent
Seems an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how often it happens, epically when it’s wet outside. The burning of fossil fuels produces carbon monoxide and there have been deaths and serious injuries from CO poisoning in tents and caravans. It is very important that you don’t use stoves or disposable barbecues, either for food or heat, in your tent.
3. Leave space between tents to reduce spread of fire
Its common to squeeze in so many tents, but it’s important to leave as much space as you can between your tent and your neighbours tent. Fire can easily and quickly spread between them. Some sites recommend tents are pitched up to 6 meters apart, but some may have different rules, so it would be good to find out before pitching your tent.
4. Camp Fires

If your site allows then campfires are a great way to enjoy your festival camping experience, but they can be very dangerous. Fires should not be left unattended, they should be at least 10 metres away from tents and built down wind. Don’t throw any rubbish on to them as these could fuel the fire and especially aerosols as they can shoot out of the fire and cause damage to tents or injure people.

Festivals are there to be enjoyed, and they should absolutely be enjoyed …. but remember to enjoy without putting you or your friends at unnecessary risk.