What is Primary Authority?
Expert and tailored advice on regulatory compliance, with a single point of contact.
Primary Authority Partnerships are either direct with individual businesses or co-ordinated with a Trade Association (or another similar group). It is a means for businesses to receive expert and tailored advice on meeting Environmental Health, Trading Standards or Fire Safety regulations through a single point of contact. Once formal Primary Authority Advice has been issued other regulators must also follow this advice. This ensures businesses can invest with confidence in products, practices and procedures, knowing that the resources they devote to compliance are well spent. Primary Authority enables businesses to form a legal partnership with one local authority, which then provides assured and tailored advice on complying with environmental health, trading standards or fire safety regulations that other local regulators must respect.
All businesses can now benefit from Primary Authority.

What are the benefits for businesses?
• Consistency in the interpretation of legislation across all elements of their business
• Targeting of resource to the areas of greatest business risk
• Recognising good practice and the commitment the business is making to compliance
• Protection against enforcement action from other regulators
• Insight into the regulatory world that our officers give to business managers. For example, the national Health and Safety and Food Safety inspection priorities
• Assistance in the development of business managers to undertake self-audits and develop priority-based action plans for compliance matters
• Being involved in emerging regulatory changes
• Close working with partner regulators including Fire Service and Trading Standards as well as the Food Standards Agency and HSE.